Pluto Alliance


After decades of peace, the 9 nine planets have become embroiled in a cataclysmic struggle. The planetary status of Pluto has been disputed by Earth and all is in chaos.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune have declared their intentions to side with Earth while the remaining planets have declared their allegiance with Pluto. Thus, the Pluto Alliance was formed!

A rift is now forming within the Union and all over the galaxy there are whispers of Civil War. Lines are being drawn. Meanwhile, the Pluto Alliance vows that any action taken against Pluto will be met with bloodshed. While the Galactic Union endlessly bickers amongst themselves, many wonder, is conflict inevitable? Then, to complicate matters, a new race appears from a black hole. No one knows the agenda of the mysterious strangers. What will happen in the darkest hour?
Pltuo Alliance Mercury Raodmap


  • Create Background Story For Pluto Alliance
  • Launch Minting Website
  • Determine Planet Rarity Numbers
  • Launch Project September 15th
Pltuo Alliance Venus Raodmap


  • Secure Verified Status on Opensea
  • Sell Out Mint 100%
  • Begin 2nd Phase Of Story Development
  • Rarity Tools & Rarity Sniper Listing
Pltuo Alliance Earth Raodmap


  • Create Promotional Trailers For Marketing
  • Begin Partner Projects Token Airdrops
  • Begin Partner Project NFT Airdrops
Pltuo Alliance Mars Raodmap


  • $20K Community Based Art Contest
  • Acquire Metaverse Partnerships For Future Integrations
  • Begin Auctioning Off Dev Wallet For Floor Sweeps
  • Metaverse Land Purchase For Future Community Hangout Space
Pltuo Alliance Jupiter Raodmap


  • Expand Brand To 2nd Chain For Cross-Promotional Purposes
  • IRL Meet Up For Pluto Alliance Holders
  • Dedicated Video On Pluto Alliance On Bitboy Crypto
  • Metaverse Hangout Spot Construction Goes Underway
Pltuo Alliance Saturn Raodmap


  • Metaverse Gaming Center Launched With Coin League And Future Games
  • Reach $250,000 In Giveaways To The Community
  • Secure Coinbase Marketplace Verification
  • Expand Brand to 3rd Chain To Continue Branding Outreach
Pltuo Alliance Uranus Raodmap


  • Begin Community Wallet Purchases Of Blue Chip NFT's
  • Buy A Mutant Ape
  • Buy A Vee Friend
  • Buy A Bored Ape
Pltuo Alliance Neptune Raodmap


  • Introduce A Burn Mechanism To Increase Scarcity
  • Link Tree Page Created For Ease Of Access
  • Medium Page Created For Communication
  • Merchandise Store With Sick Pluto Swag
Pltuo Alliance Pluto Raodmap


  • Create Collaboration Page On Website To Highlight Partnerships
  • Create Reward Page To Showcase Giveaway Amounts
  • Reach $500,000 In Rewards To The Community
  • Hire Pluto Ambassadors For Outreach And Marketing
Pltuo Alliance Black Hole Raodmap

Black Hole

  • TBD